March 14, 2011

Significant Events

Grade Eight

I was not a pretty kid. I was a huge loner and hung around the wrong people when i was younger. Not knowing that my “friends” weren’t really my friends. Sometime in grade eight, a rumor that i was a lesbian started circling around. After a very short period of time, i started loosing friends, and everyone treated me differently. People stopped feeling comfortable around me and i was deemed “Most unattractive” and “Least likely to ever have a boyfriend” by an online poll that my friends started as a joke. Of course this lesbian rumor was untrue, but there was no way for me to prove them wrong.

This event was pretty damaging to my self-esteem and i have never felt truly beautiful ever since. A feeling i think most people, girls especially, should feel at least once. On a more positive note, since then i have realized how insecure and just plain mean these girls are and have not spoken to them for a few years.